• Rabbithole - gain usable skills while completing different tasks to earn cryptocurrency
  • Coinbase - an exchange currently running a program allowing you to earn free cryptocurrency by simply watching videos and answering questions about what you saw, I have already earned $42 in cryptocurrencies from this learn to earn program
  • Gitcoin - complete their quests to gain knowledge about blockchain technology as a whole in a safe environment and active community

    What does cryptocurrency need to bridge the gap between users and non-users?
  • Accessibility will more than likely remain one of the major issues regarding the non-tech savvy people. Web 3.0 developers and blockchain communities are
    diligently working towards creating layers for blockchains to make their services and
    websites more user friendly.
  • Educational content is being created daily to make defy in crypto information readily available to anybody that wants to learn. There are already several sites that allow you to take classes or many courses surrounding the different aspects surrounding cryptocurrencies.
  • Trust is definitely holding back the growth of blockchain technology. While it has proven itself in many ways, the truth is that the concept of digital economy is still
    very new and widely misunderstood. Not to mention, there are many places where
    people receive information that have negative output regarding the financial risk versus gain. Cryptocurrency will have to work overtime to counteract the bad press they get from ill informed media sources.



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We are a Dao of blockchain technology. Our mission is to show the world why they want cryptocurrency as opposed to the current centralized financial system.